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Ask5 with Dr. Tai Arnold, Masters in Higher Education

Join us for an engaging conversation with Tai Arnold about the university's new Master's in Higher Education Administration. Tai shares insights into the program's innovative…

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One-Click AI Web Development Tutorial - Learn how to Turn Figma Designs into Working Code using AI

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Next Stop! Professional Careers and Academic Opportunities for Historical Studies Students

Program Title: Next Stop! Professional Careers and Academic Opportunities for Historical Studies students This program is meant for current Historical Studies students who are thinking about…

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Ask5 with Daniel Cochran of Vet S.T.E.P. (Semiconductor Training and Experience Program)

Join us for a career conversation with the coordinator of Vet S.T.E.P. (Semiconductor Training and Experience Program), a program dedicated to providing veterans with specialized training and…

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Newton's Method

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Community Conversation: LGBTIQ+ Missing Young People

In recognition of WorldPRIDE month, Brian Frederick, Ph.D., an assistant professor of criminal justice, will present “LGBTQI+ Missing Young People.” The presentation addresses the…

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Ask5 Building Futures with Mitch McCormick, '21

Interested in making a positive impact in your community? Join us for "Ask5 Building Futures: A Conversation in Community Development," an opportunity to engage with a leading expert in…

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Silktide Training Series – Session 2 - 06/12/2024

Silktide is the university’s web content analysis tool, providing reports on the quality of content and the site’s overall accessibility to all T4 site stewards and maintainers. …

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Sharing Our Online Course Experience in Brightspace

Three students will serve on a student panel to share their accessibility experiences with participating in one of their Brightspace online courses at the university. This session will be led by a…

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The Great Bulk Edit

Will show people how to use the various bulk edit features available in Brightspace.

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Mental Health Support in an Online Environment

As part of Empower Reads, we will review strategies and approaches to supporting the mental health of online students.

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Library Support for Affordable Textbook Options

Textbook costs have been rising faster than inflation since the 70s, and at this point, paying for textbooks is a barrier to higher education for many students. Many simply choose to do without their…

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Gearing Up Students to Achieve Academic Success

For anyone teaching in the college setting, the ultimate objective is to guide students to academic success. However, providing effective academic support can be challenging. The GEARS method is an…

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AI for UD

In this presentation, we will discuss and demonstrate the various ways AI can be used as assistive technology and help create inclusive instruction. Participants will be able to explore the different…

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Ask5: Insights in Organizational Psychology with Corinthia Crawford

Join us for the next segment of Ask5: Insights in Organizational Psychology, where we delve into the fascinating field of organizational psychology. In this career conversation, I’ll be joined…

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Informative Speech - Food Poisoning

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