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Inverting the Curriculum Ariel Diaz at TEDxCambridge 2013

Video with accurate captions

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Inverting the Curriculum Ariel Diaz at TEDxCambridge 2013

Video provided for captions

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How to Order Textbooks

How to purchase materials from the online bookstore with or without financial aid

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Intro LGBTQ Studies Class Seminar 9-9-20 Introduction to Class

This is a recording of the first seminar for Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies, Fall 2020. It provides an overview of the course.

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Teaching with Open Educational Resources with Susan Oaks

Today's episode features a conversation with Saratoga Springs-based faculty member, Susan Oaks on her experience using Open Educational Resources as learning aids for students. She shares her…

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Welcome to Hist of EdTech

Welcome to Hist of EdTech

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InterAcctgII--Exercise 17-10 Problem Demo


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Alternative Textbook Requests

This video walks students through the online application for alternative textbooks form that must be completed for the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services to process requests for textbooks…

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FSMA 3010 Chapter 4

Net Operating Profit After Tax and Operating Cash Flow

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review of accounting equation and solving for retained earnings.

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Digital Day Keynote Address: Open Educational Resources - Mark McBride

This presentation will outline development of long-term sustainability and operations plans for Open Educational Resources. Open SUNY Textbooks (OST) was initially funded by SUNY IITG money and…

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