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Sec 1.1 Linear systems and matrices (part 2)

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Jordan Canonical Form an example


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The Accessible Stall

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How to Make INTERACTIVE Google Slides (All the Basics & Then Some!)

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How I Make My Google Slides for Teaching Top Requested Video!

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Schooling Fish (Module 3)

Schooling Fish (Module 3)

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Lobsters (Module 3)

Lobsters (Module 3)

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Four Hour Photoshop Crash Course

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"Evaluation and Feedback to Increase Student Engagement" Webinar

Now that your courses are setup online, it can be beneficial to consider a plan for maintaining and increasing student engagement. This includes selecting tools that you can use to continue…

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"Understanding Universal Design for Blended Learning" Webinar

Universal Design for Learning is a series of guidelines that enable development of learning modules that are accessible to all students. In this webinar, SUNY Empire State College Educational…

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January 2020 Accessibility Course Review Podcast

Welcome to the Teaching and Tech podcast. Where Dedicated Mentoring Meets Innovative Technology. This podcast is brought to you by the educational technologists of SUNY Empire State College. Today…

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EET Webinar Emergency accessibility reviews 01/08/2020

This webinar focused on the process in place for reviewing ESC online courses to meet accessibility requirements. It included what the criteria are we look for and the will include faculty…

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AUDITING--M6 Population Size and Acceptability

Unacceptable population--what are the alternatives? - ACCT 4015

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