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How to Install Microsoft Excel 2010's Solver Add-In (320 kbps)


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Installing Add Ins Excel 2016 (320 kbps)


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Excel Tutorial for Beginners

Video for Captioning and Transcript

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"Crafting Accessible Content Online" Webinar

This presentation reviews best practices for addressing accessibility while you design documents & texts, spreadsheets & tables, presentations & media, and forms.

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Microsoft Teams: Presenting and Screen Sharing

A detailed run through of the options and nuances of presenting and sharing your screen in a Teams meeting.

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FSMA4010 Chapter 7 Problem 11

Chapter 7 Problem 11

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FSMA 3010 Chapter 12

NPV and ANPV Decisions

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FSMA 3010 Chapter 10

Capital Budgeting Techniques - Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Payback Period

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FSMA 3010 Chapter 5

Present Value Analysis

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Excel Basic Skills Part 3: Copying Online Data into Excel

Learn how to copy data in different formats found online into usable Excel data.

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Excel: Basic Skills Part 2: Organizing and Sorting

Learn how to alphabetize and other forms of sorting in Excel.

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Excel: Basic Skills Part 1: Formatting Cells

Learn how to adjust column width and the display of text in individual cells or columns.

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Excel: Working with Functions Part 3: Referencing a Cell

Learn how to reference a particular cell each time a function calculates.

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Excel: Working with Functions Part 2: Using Ranges of Cells

Learn how to use entries in cells as inputs for functions

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Excel: Working With Functions Part 1: Basic Techniques

Explores how to enter simple mathematical functions into an Excel workbook.

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Excel Introduction: Terms and Techniques

A basic introduction to Excel, providing definitions and text-entering techniques.

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