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What is a ring

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Open Campus Medical Terminology Module 4 - Plurals

Video provided for captions.

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Blind Contour Line Drawing Lesson

Video provided for captions.

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Discover iT Digital Ethics - Copyright

Video with accurate captions

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Whats In a Name?

Sine Rofofsky - SUNY SchenectadyIn this interactive session, participants will explore word, example, and image choice - and the impact this can have on learners. Drawing on cultural, regional,…

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Acknowledging the Awkward Artifact

Sine Rofofsky - SUNY Schenectady Jennifer Gbur - SUNY SchenectadyIn this session participants will explore giving credit, both paraphrasing and direct quotations, in the content of projects, whether…

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How culture may impact behavior in the classroom

Colorin Colorado, (2016), How culture may impact behavior in the classroom. YouTube video This version provided for purposes of accurate captions.

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Unsession 1 Multiple Topics-20230607

Taking Writing Further...Through Texting?! Presenter: Kjrsten KeaneExplore the continued benefits of featuring texting-based communication with your students and mentees toward meeting advising goals…

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Changing Up (or Creating) Your General Education Course - Social Sciences-20220418_100829-Meeting Recording

Changing Up (or Creating) Your General Education Course - Social Sciences

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Changing Up (or Creating) Your General Education Course - World History and Global Awareness-20220411_100640-Meeting Recording

This is a workshop to go over the new SUNY general education guidelines. This workshop focuses on the World History and Global Awareness category.

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Dean of the School of Human Services Orientation Video.

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Making Peer Assessment Work

In this short video filmed for "Career Brand Management" specialization on Coursera, Associate Professor Michele Forte discusses how to make peer assessment work for you.

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Invisible and Visible Disabilities Training_Rockefeller Institute of Government

"Supporting Students with Visible and Invisible Disabilities"The SUNY Empire State College Office of Accessibility Resources and Services will present a workshop on supporting college…

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InterAcctgII--Exercise 17-10 Problem Demo


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AUDITING --M3 Evidence and Reliability ACCT 4015

This video discussion centers around "evidence" and the reliability and types of evidence the auditor gathers.

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