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Registered Programs humorous version

Registered Programs humorous version

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Collaborative Spaces Webinar 3/10/16

Kelsey Foote and Christine Paige define collaborative spaces and their importance/usefulness in education. Additionally, the tools VoiceThread, Zoom, Google Drive, and Wikispaces are demonstrated and…

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Mobile Apps Webinar 3/3/16

In this webinar TOEP Fellow, Christine Paige, leads us through different mobile apps that can be used to enhance teaching, criteria for selecting quality apps, and tips for getting started. Webinar…

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Presentations Webinar 2/25/16

In this second webinar of the TOEP series, Rhianna Rogers and Kelsey Foote discuss various presentation creation tools like Prezi and Emaze, engagement tools like Wordle and Poll Everyone, and…

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Mary Caroline Powers interviews Anita Brown

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Lifelong Learning Webinar 2/18/16

Rhianna Rogers and Kelsey Foote discuss the definition of lifelong learning, the habits of lifelong learners, and current trends in instructional technology through the context of the Tools of…

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Creating a Video Assignment

This tutorial will show you how to add a dropbox in Moodle where students can submit their video as an assignment.

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Introduction to KNOWhow

Introduction to KNOWhow platform

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Dave Theobald Interview

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Tanya Scime Interview

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Sarah Rose Interview

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Joseph Sinagra Interview

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Deb Auspelmyer Interview

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Chiquita D'Arbeau Interview

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Beth Coco Interview

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Kristen Delaney Interview

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