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How to Say EVERY SOUND in American English 44 Sounds of American English

Video provided for captions.

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Installing Add Ins Excel 2016 (320 kbps)


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Drawing a Cylinder (Bottle)

Video provided for captions.

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Making A Joseph Cornell Box

Video provided for captions.

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DataDashboard page review TECHNICAL

Technical overview of how the Data Dashboard page content is built and wrapped for authentication with "Access Control" content (and supporting child section/content).

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Mollusks (Module 5)

Mollusks (Module 5)

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Biodredge Procedure (Module 5)

Biodredge Procedure (Module 5)

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Four Hour Photoshop Crash Course

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Registering for Classes - Students

screencast of how students register for classes

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Using the Plan Ahead Tool - Students

screencast of how students use the plan ahead tool

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How to Request an Educational Technologist Consultation

This tutorial reviews how to request an Educational Technologist consultation using the Service Catalog request form.

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Changing Course Format

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Updating Communication Settings

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